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BSA/AML/CIP & OFAC Compliance


USTPA, in partnership with Meta (Member FDIC), is strongly committed to preventing the use of its operations for money laundering, terrorist financing, and other criminal purposes and to cooperating, as appropriate, with enforcement and prosecution efforts to prevent the misuse of the financial services industry by criminal elements. The first step in fulfilling this commitment is to ensure that USTPA and our participating EROs have the necessary guidance, training, and access to soft audits of controls to ensure compliance and mitigate liabilities. In that context, USTPA's Board of Directors and Senior Management have adopted, implemented, and continually reinforce the maintenance of comprehensive BSA/AML/CIP and OFAC compliance with our EROs. Our BSA/AML/CIP & OFAC Compliance audit solution can help your firm keep pace with industry best practices and CYA in the event of Circular 230 and other IRS audits.

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