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U.S. Tax Preparers Association

We are a collective of tax software and business experts with decades of experience in the finance sector. We could no longer ignore the huge disparity in the pricing of tax software, bank products, and the service level for small and mid-sized tax firms.


Enterprise level  firms that transmit more than 10k returns with or without the use of bank products will see fantastic numbers in their in-season revenue. Regrettably, for the others, getting a fair deal in this industry is challenging. Not any longer. U.S. Tax Preparers Association has assembled a community of partners, and together we strengthen our negotiating power that allows for greater access to everyone.

We know who you are, we know your business, and we know your customer. We also understand the pains you face as a single office tax firm or a multi-location tax franchise. We have the solutions to streamline your processes and translating it into increased revenue.

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Our Mission Is to Empower


Access to Over 100k Bank Products


Be Part of The Largest Buying Group in the Country with Over 2k Tax Offices


Stay Connected to the Most Innovative Tax Technology 


Customer Satisfaction Rate by Association Members

USTPA is able to deliver the best rates to its members as partner to the nation's largest buyers group. As a result, our members' per-tax-office and per-bank-product software fees are much lower than market rates, allowing us to transfer those savings to our customers, and empowering you to maximize your profits.

As a member of USTPA, you have more latitude in how you structure your fees. For example, you will be afforded access to additional charge pools that were previously unavailable to the average tax firm. You'll have higher add-on thresholds and no ceiling on your tax preparation fees.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees a VIP experience where it matters most: technical support, tailored software training, premier bank service, and the industry's best in class tax software solution.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


We only offer guidance with the customer's best interest at heart. We stand on the foundation of truth and anticipate the best of intentions. Above all else, we place great value on trust and never compromise our integrity.


At USTPA, we embrace and integrate accountability into all we do, whether individually or collectively. We honor our commitments and value our company's reputation. We accept ownership of our work and strive to do it right the first time. Rather than focusing on problems, our objective is to find the best solutions.


We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive for excellence and accept that our unique distinctions help us to grow as individuals. We value diversity and the inclusion of differences because we know we can learn from each other. We insist on a respectful culture and acknowledge the impact of words and actions.


We understand that the success of our clients is critical to the success of our company.  We focus on strengthening our relationships with our customers and partners to better support their evolving requirements and the requirements of the community they serve. 


Having a passion for creating the best client experience doesn't stop there. USTPA's passion is a never-ending journey to learn more about what our clients want, to build better experiences that are hyper-focused on what they value most, and to provide solutions that will evolve from "intermittent" to "loyal" customers.

We Work With the Very Best

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