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Cloud Reporting


Access to accurate real-time data is required to make accurate real-time business decisions.  Our cloud reporting module provides easy access to up-to-date data and edge updates. POWERFUL DATA AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Common pains we hear from multi-office firms are the lack of accuracy of reports, the requirement to consolidate multiple reports, accessibility issues, or that they are simply not confident in the data. Now, with our newly developed web-based reporting tool, all data is now at your fingertips. Our cloud reporting module enables the following: • Convenient access to accurate data • Ability to export to excel • Near real-time updates of the data • Build and Save the reports you need • All the data you need in one report/place Easily build and save the data elements you want for each report. Simply log into the cloud and the most recent version of the software is always available to you, eliminating the need to continuously update your system.

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