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Virtual Office Scalability


There are a few reasons firms are flocking to cloud-based solutions. The cloud allows businesses to stay connected regardless of where they are, where their employees are, and most significantly, where their customers are. A firm in Texas can now provide services to clients in Florida thanks to the cloud. It allows a company in Boston to hire someone in Washington. It enables executives to complete tasks regardless of their location. A truly virtual office is a system in which all of your office technology is kept on the cloud and managed in a central space of communication and provides effortless access from any location while ensuring security. In the tax industry, this business model is highly effective in several ways. Fewer (if any) employees require access to a physical office. As the administrator, you control the security permissions of each employee providing a microscopic POV, and operating in virtual environment expands your market reach giving your tax firm a competitive edge. With these considerations in mind, tax firms that license USTPA's cloud-based tax software receive the first five sub-licenses for each of their employees for free. Getting on board pays off on day one!

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