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Multi-Office Management


Owning and managing a single tax firm is challenging; however, maintaining a multi-location tax firm creates a number of unique challenges for which we have solutions. In a fluid multi-office environment, visibility and control are among the two most crucial factors. Each of our platforms (TaxCloud and Desktop Pro) places real-time reporting, management of office configuration/permissions, and back-office access to each location at the administrator's fingertips. USTPA makes Multi-Office oversight possible from anywhere in the world, and having this capability allows for greater flexibility when considering what business structure is the best fit for your tax firm and it's corporate location. The concept of having a "remote" operation was intimidating and impractical pre-Covid. However, it has become widely accepted as the new normal. The controls, safeguards, and workflow of our system enables you to be as fluid and versatile as your imagination allows. If you can envision it, we can help make it a reality!

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