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Brandable Tax App


Functionality is vital in today's modern tax preparation setting. Customers value convenience and the ability to contact you from anywhere in the world. The USTPA phone app enables your clients to transmit their tax information into your cloud tax office from their cell phone or tablet. Users can easily download your tax app from the iPhone or Android app store, snap clear images of their tax documents, and upload the images into the software. Once you have completed their tax return, you simply transmit the return to their cell phones for them to sign. It's really that simple! First, your clients will enter the standardized tax information to get started (e.g., first and last name, filing status, and dependent information). Second, the client will upload documents to the app and their data will be pulled into the software. You then prepare the return using the documents they provided. When you finish preparing the tax return, you send them a request for signature. Once the client has signed the return, their signature is recorded to the software and is ready to be transmitted electronically. This tool allows you to expand your market reach to multiple states and transforms your tax firm into a nationwide organization overnight.

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